“Chapel Perilous, that vortex where cosmological speculations, coincidences, and paranoia seem to multiply and then collapse, compelling belief or lunacy, wisdom or agnosticism.” ~Robert Anton Wilson

    me here now

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    me here now

    Post by User1 on Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:57 am


    How I got here?

    Planes go boom.

    Jesus,Jones,Icke,Tin Foil Hat,Watt, Kealy. Here. In that order.

    Had to learn from each of them. Then throw it all away.

    Actually just starting on Kealy.Big fan of Watt before he went on the air. 2 years of listening to him read the newspaper to me was enough. I have the internets too, I can find the same article from the same sites. Jones and Icke are my new sitcom television show. Pure stupidity.

    Anyway, quite funny to see where Watt has gotten most of his info from.

    Kealy seems bat shit crazy, but I like it. Have not been through enough of his stuff yet to go either way. But I am diggin it so far.

    Well,I well keep on reading here, just wanted access to the links posted.


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