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    Recent earthquake in Canada and the 36th G8 summit

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    Recent earthquake in Canada and the 36th G8 summit

    Post by RB on Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:38 pm


    “We were so excited,” said Sylvia Hayek, a seismologist with Natural Resources Canada. “During an earthquake, you should be ducking under something, finding cover. What were we doing? We were running towards each other, excited about the event.”

    Some of that enthusiasm spilled over into their explanations of why an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.0 — a rare occurrence in eastern Canada — rattled Ontario and Quebec Wednesday.

    “This is one of the biggest things we’ve felt,” Hayek said. “These larger events help us learn about the structure of the earth, sort of like an X-ray machine telling you what’s going on beneath the surface.”


    The 36th G8 summit is to be held in Huntsville, Ontario, from June 25-26, 2010. The meeting will take place at the Deerhurst Resort. It will be the fifth G8 Summit hosted by Canada since 1976, the previous four being at Montebello, Quebec
    (1981); Toronto, Ontario (1988); Halifax, Nova Scotia (1995); and Kananaskis, Alberta (2002).


    I'm a aware of both and do not have a tendency to trust coincidences... you?

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