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    The Mona Lisa

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    The Mona Lisa

    Post by intrepidpixie on Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:55 am

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    My traveling companion and I recently took this picture of a picture flanked by what looked to be two gendarmes. No other piece of artwork in this museum seemed to necessitate such security measures. Hordes of onlookers, one camera flash after another blasts its ugly reflection on the glass protecting the painting. But why? It`s just a lady with a sheepish grin.

    I recently came across this, while perusing the Kealey articles:
    Perhaps her name is a clue to something, at least from his perspective. In another one of his musings, he asserts that LISA is SIAL and has to do with some basalt based hierarchy.
    SIMA/SIAL LOVE/LAVA. So what`s this sial/sima really mean? Per wikipedia, the upper crust of our planet is called the sial, while the basalt is termed the sima. SiAl named so because it is predominantly made up of silicon and aluminum. SiMa, because its constituents are silicon and magnesium respectively. The sima is the next lower layer in the Earth, which is often exposed in the ocean basins.

    MONA means a realm, a kingdom,royal power as in the monarchy.
    Kealey says:The focal point of Zen Buddhism is the monastery, where masters and pupils interact in the search for enlightenment. A newcomer arrives at a monastery with a certificate showing that he is a regularly ordained disciple of a priest. He is at first refused entry. Finally being admitted, he spends a few days of probation being interviewed by his master. When he is accepted he is initiated into the SIMA community's life of humility, labor, service, prayer and gratitude (to the MOHO MASTERS), and meditation.

    If we use a very Kealyesque interpretation here, Mona Lisa means: Royal Kingdom of the Basalt.

    I just thought i`d share this...
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    Re: The Mona Lisa

    Post by Lucid Memes on Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:59 pm

    Interesting...another thing to add to this is that androgynous aspect of the painting

    The Da Vinci Code was a fun read. Author Dan Brown suggested that Mona Lisa was actually a hermaphrodite, the fusion of Egyptian gods Isis and Amon...that book naturally pissed a lot of people off for many reasons lol.

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