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    Cloward-Piven Strategy


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    Cloward-Piven Strategy

    Post by missingyoumadly on Fri Apr 03, 2009 9:22 pm

    America waits with bated breath while Washington struggles to bring the U.S. economy back from the brink of disaster. But many of those same politicians caused the crisis, and if left to their own devices will do so again.

    Despite the mass media news blackout, a series of books, talk radio and the blogosphere have managed to expose Barack Obama's connections to his radical mentors -- Weather Underground bombers William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis and others. David Horowitz and his Discover the Networks.org have also contributed a wealth of information and have noted Obama's radical connections since the beginning.

    Yet, no one to my knowledge has yet connected all the dots between Barack Obama and the Radical Left. When seen together, the influences on Obama's life comprise a who's who of the radical leftist movement, and it becomes painfully apparent that not only is Obama a willing participant in that movement, he has spent most of his adult life deeply immersed in it.

    But even this doesn't fully describe the extreme nature of this candidate. He can be tied directly to a malevolent overarching strategy that has motivated many, if not all, of the most destructive radical leftist organizations in the United States since the 1960s.

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    Re: Cloward-Piven Strategy

    Post by Lucid Memes on Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:22 am

    Yeah, that's very interesting. This would also explain why they knew about the coming economic crash before it even happened. They knew about because they caused it! This is a long term agenda and these people spend their entire lives planning for things to unfold they way they do. My only problem with the article is its political sidedness. Not that I'm in favor of a political side in particular, but I could find just as much economic havoc being wreaked by the other side. If the Cloward-Piven Strategy is "The strategy of forcing political change through orchestrated crisis" then freetrade policies and globalization function in much the same way around the world (see Naomi Wolf's Shock Therapy).

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